2nd International Workshop
on Nano and Bio-Photonics

3-8 Nov 2013, Biarritz (FRANCE)



The present Workshop is the continuation of First International Workshop on Nano and Bio-Photonics (IWNBP) organized jointly with the French-Korean meeting on Functional Material for Organic Optics, Electronics, and Devices (FUNMOOD), which was held at Saint Germain au Mont d’Or, near Lyon in 2011. It offers an excellent forum for the state of art presentations by invited speakers, leading specialists in the field of photonics. Most recent developments, progress and achievements realized in the field covered by the conference will be presented in short oral contributions as well as in poster sessions. An important amount of time will be devoted to discussions. As the conference participants will be lodged on the same site, the contacts between them will be greatly facilitated, leading to enriched discussions and facilitating also starting of scientific collaborations.

During this meeting, a celebration of François Kajzar’s 70th birthday will be organized.

The meeting will cover multidisciplinary disciplines in optics, chemistry, physics, and materials sciences for photonic device applications with original optical, electronic, electrochromic, photochromic, photoluminescent or electroluminescenc properties. The design and properties (from synthesis to characterization, computational modeling, device fabrication) of novel, engineered materials with potential for applications in nanophotonics or biophotonics will be of special interest in this Workshop. The workshop will consist of plenary and invited lectures giving the state of art in the field of nonlinear optics and its practical applications. The most recent achievements will be presented in shorter oral contributed talks. A poster session will be also organized. A lot of time will be devoted for discussions.


  • Nanomaterials
  • Biopolymers
  • Biological Imaging
  • Conjugated Polymers
  • Electro-optic Polymers
  • Fullerenes and Nanotubes
  • Organic Lasers
  • Optical Power Limiting
  • Photochromic Materials
  • Photonic Crystals
  • Plasmonics Materials
  • Photovoltaics and Solar Cells
  • Organic Field Effect Transistors
  • Multiphotonic Absorption and Applications
  • Nonlinear Absorption
  • Two-Photon Fluorescence Excitation Spectroscopy
  • Z-Scan Measurements
  • Nanophotonics
  • Biophotonics and Bioimaging

Important Dates

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